December's Teacher Tee Club Box

December 2023

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As December blankets the world in a festive spirit, the Teacher Tee Club Box unwraps a seasonal delight for educators. Join me in unveiling the excitement of this month's box, highlighting the dazzling design, exploring why teachers hold their club membership dear, offering styling tips for the tee, and presenting the delightful additions – including accessories that add a touch of flair.

The Design - "PEACE LOVE NEW YEAR" in Black and Gold Splendor

December's tee steals the spotlight with a dazzling proclamation, "PEACE LOVE NEW YEAR," crafted in black and gold. The design features iconic peace fingers, a heart for love, and bursts of fireworks for New Year celebration. This stylish fusion transforms the classic white tee into a wearable declaration of peace, love, and the anticipation of a brand new year.

Why Teachers Love the Teacher Tee Club

The Teacher Tee Club continues to be a cherished community for educators, offering not only a stylish wardrobe but also a sense of connection. December's box, with its festive design, taps into the excitement of the promise of a new beginning. It's more than a box; it's a membership that resonates with the spirit of joy and optimism.

Styling the Tee - From Classroom to New Year's Bash

December's tee effortlessly transitions from classroom chic to New Year's Eve glamour. Pair it with jeans and sparkling accessories for a festive classroom look, or elevate it with a skirt and bold jewelry for a stylish New Year's ensemble. The tee becomes a versatile piece, allowing anyone to welcome the new year with a touch of flair.

What's Included in the Box - Accessories that Sparkle

Beyond the dazzling tee, December's Teacher Tee Club Box is adorned with festive surprises. Subscribers can anticipate accessories that complement the celebratory theme, adding a touch of sparkle to their holiday wardrobe. From statement earrings to chic bracelets, these accessories elevate the upcoming new year.

December's Teacher Tee Club Box is a beacon of style and celebration for all. From the glamorous "PEACE LOVE NEW YEAR" design to the sparkling accessories, each element reflects the festive spirit and the anticipation of a fresh start. Join the celebration, and let December be a month where you are not only inspire but also shine with the joy of peace, love, and the excitement of the new year!

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What is in the Teacher Tee Club Box?

  • New motivating and inspiring t-shirt every month
  • 3-4 weather and water resistant stickers featuring the same design
  • 3 to 4 surprise gifts – perfect for educators and school staff.

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